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Money Amulet Hoax or Can It Really Make Us Rich?

Do you want to know how to make money and get rich instantly? and do you believe that the “Wealth Money Amulet” will be able to make you rich with assets that come from any direction that you never thought before. And recently, and since a few years ago, this product has become quite a lot selling it on the online marketplace, including in the most popular marketplace in the world such as

To be rich and have a lot of possessions, of course, is everyone’s desire. However, how to get it all is very difficult and requires a lot of struggle and also a lot of time.

But then there is a talisman product called the Money Amulet which is claimed to make the user able to get wealth in a very easy and fast way like an instant way to get rich. And the question now is, do you believe in all that?

Money Amulet Meaning

money amulet meaning

What is the Money Amulet? Money Amulet or what is often referred to as Wealth Money Amulet is a product in the form of a coin (more like an ancient coin) which is claimed to have extraordinary strength and potential that can make the wearer get abundant wealth, luck, and happiness.

This amulet can be used by both men and women and in order to be more effective in producing results, the wearer of this talisman must express and imagine all the requests and wishes that he wants to make while wearing this talisman.

How long does this amulet have a positive impact on its users?

get rich quickly

According to the recognition of several sales in several marketplaces, this amulet does not work immediately in a fast time. Because sometimes it can take between 2 to 3 weeks, and even up to several months before finally giving a variety of luck, abundant wealth, and happiness.

And the way this Money Amulet talisman works is by utilizing all the powers that exist in this universe by summoning sustenance from all directions, even from sources of sustenance that have never previously been expected. And this wealth will make the life of the holder happy for himself and all members of his family when he is married.

How to use the Money Amulet

how to use money amulet

As we have seen on several selllers, how to use this amulet, which is mostly in the form of a necklace, is quite easy because it is quite easy to wear around the neck like when wearing a regular necklace.

However, it is recommended that everyone who wears this amulet necklace smear this amulet using a special perfume such as the one sold on called Fast Money Perfume w/Pheromones & Amulet for Rituals & Magic – Perfume Con Feromonas & Amuleto, Ven Dinero Rápido, Para Rituales Y Magia yang di impor dari negara Peru.

Is there any prohibition when using this Amulet?

There are several things you should not do when you are wearing a Money Amulet necklace. However, the funny thing is, that this prohibition only applies to certain countries.

For example, in Indonesia, where the majority of the population is Muslim, there are quite a number of prohibitions that should not be done while wearing this amulet, as follows:

  • Do not use when entering the toilet
  • It is forbidden to use it when adultery
  • It is prohibited to be brought into the discotheque or bar
  • Do not touch by other than family members

And these restrictions only apply to Indonesia, where most sellers sell them through the Shopee and Tokopedia marketplaces.

Because if you look at the sellers on Amazon, it turns out that there is no such prohibition, and at most it is just a prohibition to remove the Money Amulet while on the beach for fear of being exposed to salt water which can damage coins, remove when sleeping, exercising, or doing other physically strenuous activities.

This means that the prohibition of using the Money Amulet is only associated with the traditions and culture of a certain region or country, and it cannot be said that this is only a trick of the seller, which may be different in Thailand and also China where this amulet is most popular in both countries. .

How Much Money Amulet Price?

Prices on the official website of in the United States version of many sellers are priced as cheap as $ 9.00 to $ 30.00 with varying forms of coins. Meanwhile on the Shopee Thailand marketplace, the price calculated in American dollar exchange rates is in the range of $ 2.00 to $ 30.00.

And the funny thing when I checked the price at Shopee Thailand was that most of the money amulets sold came from China, even though so far the real amulets from Thailand are said to be the best amulets.

Then I didn’t forget to also check the price on the Shopee Indonesia website, and it turns out that in Indonesia this product has the most expensive price when compared to other countries. Because in Indonesia the Money Amulet is priced starting from $ 20.00 to $ 40, and even $ 100.00 more.

This is because in Indonesia there are still quite a few people who believe in amulets and mystical things, especially for mystical things related to how to get a lot of money in an easy way, even though in fact this is prohibited in Islam, which is a religion that is mostly embraced by Indonesians.

My Logic Regarding Money Amulet

logic about money amulet

My conclusion about the Money Amulet is that the Money Amulet is a hoax and has no effect on your life and it can never make you rich even though you will use it for a long time, even for years.

The simple logic is if indeed the Money Amulet can make people who use it become rich in just a few weeks or months, why do this sellers continue to increase in number and this means they think that by selling this product they will get a lot of profit.

Even though it should be, when people already use the Money Amulet, they will become rich without having to bother selling the Money Amulet to many people via the internet.

But in fact, many Money Amulet sellers are long-time and only sellers of this amulet without becoming rich. Isn’t it because he has been using it for a long time, he should have become very rich and no longer need to bother selling anymore.

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